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Extra & Co-Curricular
Sr.No. Title Desc Date Detail
1 ROTARACT CLUB OF L. S. RAHEJA (RCLSR) RCLSR – ROTARACT CLUB OF L. S. RAHEJA (RCLSR) Major Projects Completed in 2014 : 28-Jan-2016 Details
2 NSS Committee Members : 1) Dr.Satish Naringrekar- NSS Programme Officer 2) Dr.Govardhan Devnani- Member 3) Dr.Smita Salunkhe- Member 4) Mr.Hrishikesh Wandrekar- C.A 5) Mrs. Ragini Samant – Typist 6) Mr. Aashish Samant – Accountant 19-Nov-2015 Details
3 Women's Development Cell Women's Development Cell ..... A Report for the year 2009 - 2010 The Women's Development Cell conducted useful and relevant session and activities for sensitising students on garden issue, thereby increasing awareness of issues related to women’s issues and rights. Talks were conducted to increase awareness by Rekha Mahadewan, member WDC., University of Mumbai, gave a talk on “Women Issues & Domestic Violence” in September, 2009. 19-Nov-2015 Details
4 Marathi Vangmay Mandal The objective of the Marathi Vangmay Mandal is to arrange programmes to encourage Marathi literature among its members. It has created a common platform for Marathi speaking students. The competitions held during the year got an overwhelming response from the members. Essay Competition, Handwriting Competition, Crossword, Singing, Story - Telling, Elocution, Quiz, Antakshari Competition were held during the academic year. The handwritten magazine ‘Ankur’ was released during prize distribution function. Tanya Ghadi and Parag Gurav were declared as an active member of the mandal. Annual Day and Prize distribution ceremony was conducted under the Chairmanship of Ganesh Rewadkar, a renowned theatre and cinema actor. 19-Nov-2015 Details
5 Nisarg Report NISARG is the nature club of our college since 2002 founded by Mrs. Akshata A. Kulkarni to make students aware about the environmental problems and as well as to llove our environment. So various activities like Nature trails, visits ,workshops ,symposia, lectures, slide shows, elocutions, film shows are organized. The membership is restricted to 50 members only.,who come first to enroll. We are likely to increase the membership number in the academic year 2011-2012. 19-Nov-2015 Details
6 Rotaract Club of Raheja College Rotaract Club is actively involved in various community service projects. The Club since its inception in 2006 has been undertaking various community projects such as visit to old-age home, celebrating Raksha Bandhan, with orphanages, donation of clothes for the needy, welfare of the street dog, cancer awareness talk, money and food donation drive, dustbin donation, tree plantation drive, etc. The Club also organizes workshops on public speaking, Salsa Dance, statue making sessions with clay. These activities ensure that students realize their responsibility towards the society and at the same time come together on a platform where every one comes together and share ideas, abilities and views and transform students in to confident individual. 19-Nov-2015 Details
7 DEGREE COLLEGE STUDENTS’COUNCIL REPORT The students’ council for the academic year 2013-2014 began its activities with the enthusiastic Professors-in-charge CA. Mahesh Sathe and other teachers Dr. Anupama Nerurkar and Shri. Ramsagar Yadav. 21-Nov-2013 Details
8 GYMKHANA COMMITTEE REPORT 2013-14 : The Gymkhana Committee for the year was constituted under the Chairmanship of CA. Hrishikesh Wandrekar, along with Mr. Abdul Khan, Mr. Vinod Dharam and ably assisted by Mr. Pandhari Pachundkar. Rahul Bijur (TY B.Com) was selected as Gymkhana Secretary for the year. 17-Nov-2013 Details

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