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BBI (Bachelors of Banking and Insurance)

Bachelors of Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance are the backbone of the Indian economic system. With rapid growth of the Indian Banking system and the growth of financial institutions across the nation, there has been a dearth of talented workforce in the sectors.

The B.B.I. course of L. S. Raheja College purposes to provide skilful personnel to these sectors that hold an ever increasing prospect to grow and prosper. Our students are trained to adapt the stimulating as well as ever-changing atmosphere of the corporate world and make a sound and stable careers for themselves in the challenging market place.

Course Co-ordinator : Ms. Dhara Vora
Full Time Faculty:  
Mr. Raju Gole

Visiting Faculties :
Prof. Deepal Pandya
Prof. Mukund Sohani
Prof. CA. Ganesh Shinde
Prof. Minal Jaisinghani
Prof. Darshana Yogi
Prof. Farzana chandiwala
Prof. S.P. Pandey
Prof. Meghna Menon
Prof. Farzeen Daruwala

Departmental Activities

  1. Orientation programme for FY’s was organized on 1st July.
  2. Organized a visit to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and facilitated students’ interaction with the experts from the stock markets in October 2014. 
  3. Organized inter-collegiate Academic event FINACCIN in January 2015.
  4. The convocation ceremony for the Ex-TY’s was organized on 2nd February 2015.
  5. Industrial visit was organized for the students of FY, SY and TY on 25th February 2015

Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures

  1. Guest lectures on “CFP” by AMBITION LEARNING SOLUTION.
  2. Guest lectures on “career guidance” by ENDEAVOR.
  3. Seminar on FinAccIn on 12th Jan 2015(expert – Hemant Kale)
  4. Seminar on accounting on 12th Jan 2015.(expert- Bihari Lale)
  5. Seminar on banking on 13th Jan 2015.(expert –Bihari Lale)
  6. Seminar on insurance on 13th JAN 2015.

As per the university guidelines a student is required to maintain minimum 75% attendance in each subject in every semester.

The Department display attendance records to students twice a semester i.e. one in mid-July and other in mid-August and for second half of the Academic year – one in mid-January and other in mid-February. Students whose names appear in the 1st attendance list as Defaulters are given a verbal warning and an undertaking is collected by the co-ordinator and if the same appears in the second list, Parents are called for a meeting and the attendance defaulter student is given an extra project work related to the subject in which he/she has defaulted in attendance.

Cultural Events

  1. “THE WORK IS WORKSHIP” being the energizing motto of our department, we started the activities with fresher’s party welcoming F.Y. students.
  2. To add a flavour of ethnic culture in our cosmopolitan surroundings as well as to honour our college’s Gujrati minority we organized “Garba Night 2014”.
  3. Second term was more active filled with fun and frolic with competitive and non- competitive activities organized in “Raheja Week” in the month of December.
  4. More than 60 students participated in competition such as Ad-Mad, Team Building, etc.
  5. Students crossed the college boundaries and revealed their talent in various intercollegiate events and won champions trophy in “Mirage”- N. Khandwala, ”Mood –Fiesta”- Lala Lajpatrai College , “Crescendo”-M.K.S college.
  6. Students also participated in Fashion show, cultural dance in our college’s annual day.
  7. Farewell Party for TY’s was organized on 7th March 2014.

Annual Academic Fest – FINACCIN
FinAccIn as the name suggests is an academic event which envelopes the major fields of commerce - Finance, Accounts, Banking and Insurance. It is an intercollegiate event organized by the students of B.A.F., B.B.I. and B.F.M. departments of L.S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce. The motto of the event is “Aim High, Think Big, Work Hard” which signifies that the students must aim for high targets in life, think as big as possible and in order to fulfil this, we must work hard.

This year, Finaccin was organized on12th and 13th January 2015. The prime focus of the event was to explore the insights and talents of the students through various activities. Finaccin amalgamated the themes of fun and learning and provided a pedestal to the students to understand the corporate world practically. It not only provided a direct access to knowledge but also gave the students a chance to showcase their aptitude through presentations.

Participants from colleges across Mumbai came to attend this event and helped in making it a grand success. The overall feedback of the students was positive and there was ample amount of participation by students. The enthusiasm amongst the students was palpable. The festival ended on a positive note with students aspiring for more in the next year.