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Dr. Chitra Munshi

Associate Professor and Head of Department.

Education / Accreditation :
  • PhD in Psychology - Dec. 2011
  • M.Phil in Psychology - Nov. 1983
  • Masters in Counselling Psychology - June 1981
  • Bachelors in science - May1979
  • Diploma in Psychotherapy, Brief therapy, Voice dialogue and Voice culture
  • Certification in MBTI, CPI-260, BEI and Saville Assessment for Asia-Pacific.
  • Certified practitioner and facilitator of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).


  • Teaching Psychology and management subjects at graduate and post-graduate level for the last 27 years
  • Teaching diploma courses in remedial education.
  • Training counsellors in basic counselling skills.

Has private practice as a counsellor and an EMDR practitioner since past 17 years, dealing with individuals for a range of emotional and life problems for young adults and adults.

Organizational Psychologist.

Responsibilities :

  • Providing One- to- One coaching and counselling services for personal and relationship management.
  • Using standardized tests in employee selection and recruitment programs.

Membership :
Life member of Bombay Psychological Association
Life member of EMDR (India)
Trauma network group member

Factor analysis of Hindi version of test anxiety: Shimla, 1989.
Gender difference in test anxiety in students, Bombay Psychologist, 2010.
A study of demographic variables and test anxiety in Adolescents, 2013.
EMDR intervention to reduce high test anxiety in 12th std. students, 2nd EMDR Asia International Conference, Manila( Phillipines).

Mrs. Evelyn D'Souza

Educational Qualifications : M.A., B.Ed (University of Mumbai)

Teaching Experience :

  • Psychology in Degree College in the academic year 2013-2014 (L.S. RahejaCollege of Arts and Commerce)
  • Psychology in Junior and Degree College in the academic year 2012 -2013 (L.S.Raheja College of Arts and Commerce)
  • Psychology in Degree College from 1985 to 2011 (K.C. College).
  • Psychology in Junior College from 1978 to 1985 (K.C. College).

Subjects taught :

  • Introductory Psychology
  • Experimental and Physiological Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Practicals in Psychology and Psychological Testing

Present Designation :

  • Associate Professor (Retired)
  • Immediate past Head of Department, Psychology (K.C. College)
  • Lecturer in Psychology (L.S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce)

Membership of Academic Bodies :

  • Life Member of Bombay Psychological Association
  • Was Chairperson, paper setter, moderator and examiner of Cognitive Psychologyat the T.Y.B.A. examination for several years
  • Was Chairperson of Practicals in Psychology paper.

Extra and Co-Curricular Activities :

  • Member of Admission Committee
  • Member of Unfair Means Enquiry Committee
  • Member of NAAC Committee
  • Member of Teachers’ Awards Committee
  • Subject expert on interview panels for selecting candidates at St.Xaviers,Sophia, Ruparel, National, SIES, Bhavans and Mithibai colleges.

Extension Services :

  • Taught at evening classes for underprivileged children for 15 years.
  • Member of a unit (Small Christian Community) attached to the Church. The unitengages in out reach programs for the community and the marginalized sectionsof society.

Mrs. Neha Dalal

Assistant professor

Education / Accreditation

  • Master in clinical Psychology - May 1999
  • Bachelor in Psychology – May 1997
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and counseling (XICP) -2003
  • Completed Trainer program in life skills training for teenagers -2002
  • Completed basic practitioner training in NLP from NFNLP institute -2007
  • Completed Master Practitioner training in NLP from NFNLP institute - 2013


  • Teaching Psychology as visiting faculty at Masers level.( R. D. National college)
  • Training counsellors in basic counselling skills.
  • Teaching Psychology to Physiotherapy and occupational therapy students ( K.E.M hospital , Parel)
  • Workshops on NLP at Hiranandani Hospital (Pawoi) and at M.M.P. Shah college as guest lecturer
  • Workshops on play therapy at colleges as guest lecturer in Maniben Nanavati College
  • Worked as Post graduate college lecturer and degree college lecturer at M.M.P. Shah college
  • Taught Psychopathology and Psychotherapies at XICP- Xavier’s Institute of Counselling Psychology.


  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Cognition
  • Testing and statistics


Has private practice as a counsellor since 10 years, dealing with individuals for a range of emotional and life problems for young adults and children.


Life Coach Trainer (Kaya life, Marico)

Responsibilities :

Training counselors hired on

  • Rapport building
  • Active listening skills
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Advanced counseling skills

Report of MPA

Report of the department and Manas Psychology Association :
The aim of the department is to empower students and expose them to activities beyond someprescribed sallybus.

Manas Psychology Association was founded by Mrs. Aruna Kurvey in June 1992. The goal of the association is to create a common platform of learning and awareness which to help the students to grow in their personal lives.

The activities of the association starts with the inaugural function. Every year association conducts an inter-collegiate workshop by professionals in the field of Psychology. Some of the the eminent presenters are Dr. Rupa Shah, Dr. Avinash DeSousa, Mr. Vinay Prabhu, Dr. Bhave, Dr. Durga Parekh. These professionals spoke on topics like Performance Appraisal, Learning disability, handling relationships, preparing for interviews, readiness for career and choices in life, Schizophrenia and their world.

Workshop for Psychology Professors is also organized on revision of syllabi for T.Y.B.A. Psychology Papers.

Every year association arranges an educational trip for the students to “Thane Mental Hospital” or spastic society.

A parent teacher meeting was held twice a year, one in the beginning of the first term and another at the end of it, to give feedback to them about their ward’s progress.

In addition to the above mentioned programmes, every year association takes students for picnic.

The academic year ends with a farewell for T.Y.B.A. students.

The success of the Association activities was a joint effort of students and faculty. The benefit in terms of insight and learning is mutual.