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Dr. Nandita Saldanha

(Head Of The Department Of Sociology)

Dr. Nandita Saldanha has 25 years of teaching experience. Dr. Nandita Saldanha has had an excellent academic career. Women’s empowerment and Women’s studies are of special interest to her. She has convened and also been the resource person for several seminars and forums on Social issues.

Academics / Educational Qualifications :
Ph.D. in Sociology (University of Mumbai)
Title: Cultural Adjustment of Female Tribal Domestic Workers in Mumbai
M. Phil.(University of Mumbai)
Title: Effect of Female Education and Work Status on Fertility in Developing countries with special reference to India
Master of Arts in Sociology - 1st Class(University of Mumbai)
Department of Sociology, Kalina Campus, Mumbai
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – 1st Class(University of Mumbai)
Sophia College, Mumbai.

Achievements And Awards:

  • Dr. Saldanha was actively involved in the framing and preparation of the revised syllabus for the F.Y.BA, S.Y.BA, and T.Y.BA courses in Sociology for the University of Mumbai.
  • Dr. Saldanha has organized workshops, more prominently a one day workshop on Skill Development for lecturers/students of all Mumbai colleges on Women’s Legal Rights in collaboration with Majlis, a Legal and Cultural Resource Centre, a Public Trust and NGO
  • Dr. Saldanha has been the resource person at the Gyan ashram for a seminar on Domestic Workers in Mumbai.
  • Dr. Nandita Saldanha has been awarded the Avabai Wadia Archives fellowship for Senior Scholars.
  • Dr. Saldanha has been involved in the presentation of papers, more significantly has presented a paper entitled “Cultural Adjustment of Migrant Tribal Domestic Workers in Bandra” at the Symposium held at St. Andrew’s College
  • Was the chairperson at the 16th.All-religion prayer and get-together organized by Bombay Urban Industrial League development (BUILD) and Daughters of St.Paul
  • Dr. Nandita Saldanha has been the Editor and Head of the committee for the College Magazine. Responsible for sourcing articles and publishing content for the magazine and has headed various committees including the committees for Examination, Admission, Annual day.
  • Has been actively involved in teaching tribal domestic workers the English language and overall personality development.

Samya Shinde

(Assistant Professor)

Qualifications :
MA (Sociology) First Class, University of Mumbai. Qualified NET (Sociology), SET (Sociology). Currently pursuing PhD in Sociology from Rajiv Gandhi Center of Contemporary Studies, University of Mumbai under the supervision of Professor Bhowmik on the topic ‘Work and labour relations: An Anthropological study of the leather industry in Dharavi, Mumbai’.

Areas of interest :

  • Sociology of Informal Sector, Gender studies, Sociology of Education.

Fellowships awarded :

  • Received DAAD fellowship as visiting scholar to International Centre for Development and Decent Work, Kassel University, Germany from April 11, 2011 to July 11, 2011.
  • Invitee at international education research seminar on ‘Diversity, Isolationand Integration in Higher Education: A UK- India Educational Research Project’, at University of Hertfordsire, Hatfield, England in October 2009 with a fellowship grant from UKIERI.

Paper Presentations in Seminars/Conferences :

  • “Combating sexual harassment at workplace: A socio-legal perspective” at National Seminar, SNDT University- Law School on 8th February 2014.
  • “Ambedkar’s vision of a just society: Buddhism as a way of life” at International Conference, Dr. Ambedkar Teacher’s Welfare Association in November 2013, Nagpur.
  • “Braiding Lives: Women as Home based workers” at National Seminar on Development, Identity and Politics: Identities of the Marginalized in Contemporary India, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai on 2nd March 2013.
  • “Altered public spaces: Reality or Myth” at International conference on Information and Communication for development- Reach, Impact, Opportunities and Challenges, NES Ratnam College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai on 6th October 2012.
  • “Braiding lives: Women’s Labour in the Leather Industry” at International Centre for Development and Decent Work, Kassel University, Germany on 6th July 2011.
  • “ Widening Participation in Higher Education: Reflections from the field” at the UKIERI International Conference on Widening Participation and Social Cohesion amongst Diverse, Disadvantaged andMinority Groups in Higher Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences on 10-11 November 2010.
  • “Is reframing of education syllabi a necessity?”at PRE- AISC seminar on Education and Society at Centre for Social Studies, Surat on October 28-29, 2002.

Publications :

  • Ambedkar’s vision of a just society: Buddhism as a way of lifein Hadke, P. (ed.) 2013. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Human Rights Socio- Economic Policies and Affirmative Action, Nagpur.
  • “Altered public spaces: Reality or Myth” in Epignonis: Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Vol I, Issue 2, January 2013, NES Ratnam College, Mumbai. Widening Participation in Higher Education : Reflections from the fieldin Thornton, M, Wankhede, G. (ed.) 2012,
  • Widening Participation and Social Cohesion amongst Diverse, Disadvantaged and Minority Groups in Higher Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Additional Information :

  • Life Member of Indian Sociological Society.
  • Convener for the revised syllabus of TYBA degree course, University of Mumbai for ‘Sociology of Work/ Sociology of Informal sector in 2012.
  • Member of the committee involved in the preparation of the revised syllabus of TYBA degree course for Sociology, University of Mumbai, in the subject of Gender and Society in 2012.
  • Course writer for BA (Sociology) of Institute of Distance Learning, University of Mumbai.

The Department of Sociology  :

The Department of Sociology at theLS Raheja College offers a total of nine papers from the Fist Year Bachelor ofArts (F.Y.B.A.) to the Third Year Bachelor of Arts (T.Y.B.A.). The papers covera wide spectrum of subjects which are of great relevance in today’s changing socialscenario.

The List of Papers Offered is as follows:

  • F.Y.B.A. :
    • SociologyPaper I – “Foundations of Sociology”
  • S.Y.B.A. :
    • SociologyPaper II – “Sociology of India” and “Sociology of Development”
    • SociologyPaper III – “Human Development” and “Contemporary Issues in Indian Urban Society”
  • T.Y.B.A. 
    • SociologyPaper IV – “Theoretical Sociology” and “Theoretical Anthropology”
    • SociologyPaper V – “Sociology of Work” and “Theoretical Anthropology”
    • SociologyPaper VI – “Sociology of Gender” and “Gender and Society in India: EmergingIssues”
    • SociologyPaper VII – “Urban Sociology” and “Urbanization in India: Issues and Concerns”
    • Sociology Paper VIII –“Sociology of Human Resource Development” and “Sociology of Organizations”
    • Sociology Paper IX –“Quantitative Social Research” and “Qualitative Social Research”

The Department of Sociology strives to combine practical application ofsociological knowledge to contemporary issues through project work assigned tostudents, classroom presentations on topics related to current affairs as wellas those in the syllabus. The faculty organizes field visits, the screening ofdocumentaries, poster competitions, debates, discussions, guest speakers andstreet plays to sensitize the student community on various issues facingsociety.

Thefaculty, Dr. Nandita Saldanha and Mrs. Samiya Shinde are actively involved inthe syllabus revision committee at the F.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.A. and T.Y.B.A. levels.They periodically participate in many faculty improvement programs to upgradetheir knowledge and skills to guide students effectively.