Sadhana Education Society's

L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce

It's Worth Going An Extra Mile; If Only To Reach A Milestone!


Committee Members :

1) Dr.Satish Naringrekar  -  NSS Programme Officer
2) Dr.Dr. Neelam Yadav  -  Member
3) Dr. Samrudhi Chavan  -  Member
4) Prof. Hrishikesh Wandrekar  -  C.A
5) Mr. Ragini Samant  -  Typist
6) Mr. Ashish Samant  -  Accountant


The academic year 2014 -15 turned out to be a very active and full of events and activities as given below :

  • On 26th June we had NSS orientation by Programe Officer Dr. Satish Naringrekar, Dr. Neelam Yadav and our respected principal Dr. K. Venkateshwarlu. Activities of the year were been explained to the students through PPT.
  • On 12th July our students went for peace rally from L. S. Raheja College to Juhu beach on Anti Drug.
  • On 21st June students went to Kavaliya Dham for yoga day.
  • On 17th July a blood donation camp was organized were in 100 blood bottles were collected.
  • On 19th July students and teachers planted saplings in college Gurukul.
  • On 2nd August students celebrated friendship day by tying friendship bands to the police men, cleanup workers, autorickshaw drivers and bus conductors.
  • Students went to Azad Maidan for rally.
  • On 15th August NSS volunteers celebrated Independence Day by performing lezim formation.
  • On 16th August students went for a seminar on gender inequality at Akshara NGO.
  • On 24th August NSS volunteers ran for a marathon of 6km.
  • On 26th August orphanage visit were in students visited an orphanage and distributed the food packets to the orphanage children.
  • On 4th September like every year we gave our services to the society during the religious festival like Ganesh Immersion and mount merry fair for crowd controlling.
  • On 13th Spetember a seminar on personality development was conducted by Dr. Satish Naringrekar to the NSS volunteers who attended the LTP camp.
  • On 7th December - 28th February a project for senior citizens by Mumbai police was organized were our students went for help desk facility and volunteered at police station in 5 sessions 10- 12;12-2; 2-4; 2-4; 4-6.
  • On 28th October volunteers created paper bags for distribution in an orphanage. Around 918 bags were created by the volunteers.
  • On 31st October volunteers went for a marathon at Churchgate for PM’s initiative for youths to make them active by a marathon “Run for Unity”.
  • On 14th November a talk on gender equality at Mumbai University Churchgate was conducted wherein there was a discussion between students and education ministers.
  • On 19th November a talk on PM’s initiative on Swach Bharat Abhiyan was conducted by ‘Samachar bureau federation of India’ wherein students were explained the importance of cleanliness and to take an initiative to keep the surroundings clean.
  • On 26th November a rally and a seminar on anti - dowry were organized by Sathaye College for the college students.
  • On 27th November a campaign for women’s safety was organized by Akshara NGO wherein volunteers stood on bus stops and started making awareness about the women’s safety.
  • On 28th November a promotion seminar was organized by Sakal newspaper on the changing situation of behaviour of college students.
  • On 3rd December a seminar on platelets was conducted by Tata hospital Doctors making aware of the platelet and white blood following with a blood donation drive.
  • On 13th Dec - 18th Dec our college N.S.S. volunteers did volunteering in college fest being part of the college fest.
  • On 1st Jan - 6th Jan 2015 N.S.S. volunteers attained the university project regarding the management and crowd control of people from different parts of India coming for the exhibition organized by Indian Science Congress.
  • On 18th January, students took part in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon which is being organized by Standard Chartered Bank every year making the people fit and fine.

Red Ribbon Club - HIV / Aids Awareness Programme :

  • On 30th July, there was an orientation by Swati Rane for briefing about the idea & activities that should be done in RRC
  • On 2st August, there was HIV Awareness day celebrated in our college and street play was also done on this topic. Posters were made related to HIV AIDS regarding precautions and awareness.
  • On 4th August RRC friendship day was celebrated in our college.
  • On 17rd August, there was blood donation drive in our college.
  • On 16th August the doctors were called upon talk on HIV-AIDS. Doctors from 7 different countries were called to take session. They gave us information about HIV AIDS and how to prevent it.
  • On 19th Aug, meeting was help to decide various activities for RRC.
  • On 22th August to 23th August, a survey was done by RRC Volunteers for HIV in nearby areas regarding precautions and awareness for HIV-AIDS. Street play was also performed.
  • On 25th August to 1th September awareness was done in the college from class to class. On HIV- Aids by NSS volunteers.
  • On 10th September rally was conducted on AIDS. From Santa-Cruz station to Juhu road. Posters and banners were also made.
  • On 25th October students were preparing and practicing for street play.
  • On 21th November posters making and slogans were made for blood donation & importance of Blood Donation.
  • On 1st December HIV AIDS day was celebrated in the college. Posters and banners were also put on by the NSS volunteers. Street play was done in various areas.
  • On 3rdDecember, a blood donation Drive was done in our college & seminar on platelets was conducted.
  • On 17th December students performed street play in intercollegiate fest. 

Electricity Survey Report :

  • On 28th July, planning & preparation for the save energy project was undertaken.
  • On 6th August, counting of units & save energy tips was given.
  • On 9th September, counting of units & save energy tips was given.
  • On 14th October, counting of units & save energy tips was given.
  • On 18th November, counting of units & save energy tips was given.
  • On 16th December, counting of units & save energy tips was given.
  • On 18th December, we did practice of street play on save energy.
  • On 22th December, we did street play at 4 different places.
  • On 29th December, we analyzed all the electricity survey sheets.
  • Analysis = 2210 units saved. 

Prize Winners (2013-14) :

  1. Best NSS Secretary - Rahul Jain, Kumkum Yadav
  2. Best NSS Volunteers (Annual Activities) - Swati Gangar , Rohit Dhuri
  3. Best NSS Volunteers (Administrative work) - Rahul Jain, Nirmal Joshi
  4. Best Camper (Male) - Arvin Ramina
  5. Best Camper (Female) - Deepika Kumavat
  6. Best Volunteers at NSS Camp -
    Male 1. Rakesh Dhuri Female Female 1.  Ruchika Mandavkar
    2. Yogesh Vhavale 2.  Ria Raut
    3. Jatan Shah  3.  Monika Bawale

7. Best Group at NSS Camp - PRUTVI GROUP.

Prutvi Group :
- Rohit Dhuri (Leader), Nirmal Joshi, Arvin Ramina, Heena Ali, Ria Raut, Sushi Dubey.