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Rotaract Club Of Raheja College

Rotaract Club is actively involved in various community service projects. The Club since its inception in 2006 has been undertaking various community projects such as visit to old-age home, celebrating Raksha Bandhan, with orphanages, donation of clothes for the needy, welfare of the street dog, cancer awareness talk, money and food donation drive, dustbin donation, tree plantation drive, etc. The Club also organizes workshops on public speaking, Salsa Dance, statue making sessions with clay. These activities ensure that students realize their responsibility towards the society and at the same time come together on a platform where every one comes together and share ideas, abilities and views and transform students in to confident individual.

Charter President: Rtr. Mithil Shah
President 07-08: Rtr. Arun Ramanan
President 08-09: Rtr. Sharanya Natrajan
President 09-10: Rtr. Divyashree Mangalorkar
President 10-11: Rtr. Darshan Shah
President 14-15: Rtr. Priyank Vedant

Projects undertaken during the year 2009-2010

Shall We Dance: A Salsa workshop for Rotaractors and Non-Rotaractors, which was a joint-club project conducted in the College Auditorium under the Club Service avenue, where basic level of Salsa was taught by a professional Salsa instructor.

Splurge: A joint club project that lasted for 3 days in the college ground, auditorium, gurukul and Gymnasium with fun activities and games like Soccer, cricket and Badminton tournaments, Sumo wrestling, chess and Table tennis competitions and many others.

Cheers: A joint-club fun-filled project at Charni road chowpatty on friendship day with fun activities and tasks exclusively for rotaractors.

Strike 10: Bowling competition between clubs which was again a joint-club project.

Synergy: 8 clubs came together including RCLSR and covered all the 8 avenues. Anti-railway crossing street play, International dance form "Tango" being the few projects undertaken.

RED: Rotaract Entertainment Destination is a club service event where all kinds of activities like dance, fashion show, singing, drama, talent show etc. took place and RCLSR was one of the 16 host clubs.

Beach Clean-up Drive: After Ganesh chaturthi took place, rotaractors from LSR along with 2 other clubs cleaned the Juhu beach of the mess making it look fresh and clean.

Art Mela: Sponsored by Camlin India Ltd and Rotary club of Bombay Juhu Beach, we the Rotaractors of RCLSR Visited our Parent Rotary adopted village "Toranpada" and conducted an art competition for the children residing in the village along with Book distribution.

I-Pledge: In association with Mukti foundation, RCLSR volunteered for the AIDS awareness campaign for 3 consecutive days wherein kiosk desks were setup all across mumbai and people were asked to take a pledge on the cards by signing on them to follow certain guideliness to stay safe from AIDS.

Art of Living Workshop for mental concentration: The first year students were given a brief about how to improve mental power and personally development through various mediums by an art of living instructor.

"Editors cut II" - A Movie-Making workshop: Students from L.S. Rahe ja college were taught on how to make a movie on Windows movie maker and Power director, to help the students to easily go with the presentations, etc.

Avalons Personality development workshop "Magic": Various aspects on personality development was taught by a proffesional from Avalon.

Online Cultural exchange between India, Pakistan and Slovakia: Historical, cultural exchange between the countries online.

Photo-Quest: A fun with camera's event, where-in participants were asked to perform certain tasks with the help of a camera and the members in the group to cross the levels. The group with the maximum points was awarded.

Entertainment day with JAM Mag: Fun activities for students at college by giving winners free T-shirts.

Goregaon street kids: Rotaractors visited a street school in Goregaon and taught the kids on the street itself basic mathematics and English along with drawing.

A day at an Orphanage: Spent a day with the kids at St. Catherins Orphanage by playing, talking, teaching, singing and dancing with them.

Save water campaign: Rally and Street play on 'Save water' at 5 different locations with the Rotary club of Bombay Juhu beach.

Shukriya Night: A thank you ceremony for the Rotarians ending their term.

Senior citizens day out: With the rotary club of Bombay Juhu Beach, senior citizens and rotaractors came together and formed groups having a few of rotaractors and few senior citizens in each and played many fun filled mental games including puzzel solving, etc

Medical camp at Bhutta school: Medical checkup for the kids in the school was conducted for 3 days at Bhutta high school with our parent roptary club of bombay juhu beach.

Trip to Toranpada: Rotaractors visited the parent rotary adopted village "Tornpada" to understand the villagers, their needs and provide help with our parent rotary.

Cricket tournament: Cricket matches between eans followed by awarding the best team winning.

Food Donation at Juhu Beach: Right after the installation ceremony, food was donated to needy people at Juhu.

Installation ceremony: The installation ceremony of Rtr. Divyashree Mangalorkar as the president of the club for the year 2009-2010

Charter night "Absolutely Everybody": Completion of four years on the 14th of February of RCLSR celebration by inviting the Rotaract  district 3140 and Rotarians.

Events done in 2012-13
1. Freshers Party Our club organised a party for all the freshers so that they can jell up amongst   themselves and also with the seniors.
2. Million Dollar Smile Million dollar smile is a RCLSR initiative to help the children at an orphanage and spent time with them. It is an ongoing event where club members visit the orphanage every 6 months and spent quality time with them like play games, quizzes, etc.
3. Beach Cleanup Drive RCLSR in association with Rotary Club of Bombay Juhu Beach organised a beach cleanup drive after Ganesh Visarjan to clean the mess created due to visarjans.
4. Goa I.V RCLSR organised an I.V for the first years to Goa so that the students can understand how factories or industries function. Factories visited were UB Group (United Breweries) and PepsiCo.
5. Management seminar RCLSR organised a seminar on the career perspectives available after graduation and regarding entrance exams for MBA. The seminar was conducted by college faculty Prof. Rohan Mehta Sir.
6. SPLURGE'14 Splurge'14 was a inter college sports competition held in college which had both indoor and outdoor sports. A total of 182 students from the college participated in this event.