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L. S. Raheja College Policy for Inter-collegiate 2017-18

RTS The Gymkhana Committee was constituted under the chairmanship of CA. Hrishikesh Wandrekar, with Mr. Abdul Khan representing the self financing courses, Mr. Vinod Dharam representing Junior College and Mr. Pandhari Pachundkar handling the daily activities of the gymkhana. We at the gymkhana encompass students from all faculties in our college sports teams and activities. We also strive to give exposure to the junior students by including them in practice sessions. This helps the college in creating batch strength for the future. The year started with the celebration of the ongoing Football World Cup

2014. The gymkhana was decorated with posters of football players and a giant scoreboard announcing the latest results was displayed. Various newspaper articles on football were also put up on the notice board for the benefit of the students. The gymkhana also celebrated the Cricket World Cup in a similar manner, creating a lively atmosphere in the gymkhana.

A core committee of the students was formed for handling the gymkhana activities. The students were involved in organizing inter-class and inter - college events and assisting in team selections. Inter- class tournaments were conducted as a part of the selection process for the various college teams. Inter- class tournaments were held for carrom, table - tennis, badminton, chess, football, tug-of-war, and cricket. The college students represented the college in various events at the university. The performances of the teams are summarized below :

Cricket : The team was captained by Nikhil Mandavkar (TY BCom) and were unlucky to be knocked out in the 2nd round of the university tournament. The team is also participating in a T-20 tournament in February 2015. Two teams from the college met in the final of the Inter-college Box Cricket tournament organized by R. D. National College, Bandra, capping off a successful year. Prashant Rajput, Latesh Poojari and Nilesh Yadav.

Football : A new coach was appointed for the football team and this has resulted in a marked improvement in the preparation and performance of the team. The team is captained by Saddam Shaikh (SYBA) and has some fine players. The team performed well at the university and was knocked out in the 3rd round.

Basketball : The College is in the process of assembling a new basketball team, after the passing out of the veteran players last year. The team captained by Rahul Parida (T.Y. B.Com) did very well to reach the 3rd round of the university tournament.

Chess : The College has a strong chess team led by Vivek Thakkar (T.Y.B.Com). Vivek qualified for the state level chess tournament for the 3rd time in a row.

Table - Tennis : The stand-out table tennis player was Harsh Maniar (FYBMS) who qualified for the state level tournament. He was unlucky to lose in the finals of the University tournament and finished second overall at the Mumbai University. He also went on to represent the college at the state-level competition at Chennai. We look forward to him to bring more laurels to the college in the coming years.

Others : The College is in the process of re - building the badminton squad. The college also participated in the tug-of-war. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2015 : 15 students from various faculties represented the college at the Mumbai Marathon held on 18th January 2015. 4 students participated and completed the 21 km race while the others participated in the 6 km Dream Run.

Sudhagad Trek : The Gymkhana organized a monsoon trek to Fort Sudhagad, located near Pali village on 3rd August 2014. Mr. Vitthal Awari and Mr. Rugved Lele from Himsahyadri Trekkers served as guides during this trek. Professors Mr. Suresh Sawant and Mr. Ram Yadav along with 65 students participated in this trek and enjoyed the 2030 feet climb and the wonderful mountain scenery.

University Carrom Tournament : The highlight of the year was the hosting of the University of Mumbai Carrom tournament in the college from 21st January to 23rd January 2015. It was the first instance of the college playing host to a University sports tournament. Over 500 students from more than 150 colleges participated in the tournament. Students from even places like Palghar, Alibag, Murud, Khopoli and Ratnagiri had come to the college to participate.

The tournament was played in the following formats; 1) Men’s Singles 2) Men’s Doubles 3) Women’s Singles and 4) Women’s Doubles. The competition was inaugurated by the Physical Director of Sports Education - University of Mumbai, Mr. Uttam Kendre. Mr. Kendre was also present for the prize distribution ceremony on the last day and was very appreciative about the manner in which the tournament was conducted. Over 50 student volunteers helped in organizing and conducting the event. The students were also given training to referee the carrom games and they did a wonderful job. Akhilesh Yadav (SY BCom) and Jay Yadav (FY BAF) reached the 4th round of the men’s doubles while Kajal Singh (SY BCom) reached the 3rd round of the women’s singles. The competition was a resounding success and served as a wonderful advertisement for the college.

We are thankful to the In-charge Principals Dr. Anupama Nerurkar and Dr. K. Venkateswarlu, the college management and the coaches of various teams for their support and encouragement. We are also thankful to the teaching and non-teaching, especially Mr. Sawant, Mr. Deshpande and Mr. Ashish for their regular inputs and guidance in conducting the various gymkhana activities. We are confident that with further support and infrastructure facilities, our students will compete and excel at the University level and beyond