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Department of Life-Long Learning

Department of Life - Long Learning and Extension Report

Extension Education, the third dimension of the University system is a two - way process which visualised mutual sharing of resources between the community and the University for the Development of both the citizens of India and the Students.

At L. S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce, we have initiated and Prof. Noula Hemalata Premrao (DLLE Co-ordinator) has successfully registered, after her orientation program, 52 students from Self- Financing Courses with the Department of Life - long Learning & Extension (DLLE) under the activity programme Population Education Club.

Sr. No. Self – Financing Courses Strength of the Students
1 Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Markets) 32
2 Bachelor of Management Studies 18
3 Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting& Finance) 02

Through Population Education Club, The objective of DLLE is to sensitize the students towards socio - cultural realities and environmental issues.

Further, under the guidance of the Prof. Noula Hemalata and the student managers, the DLLE students have organised various college & community level activities with the support and encouragement of our Honourable Principal, Dr. Anupama Nerurkar.

DLLE students are actively participating in various College & Community level activities such as:

DLLE students actively participated in various College & Community level activities such as

  1. First & Second Term Training Sessions for DLLE students conducted by Field Co-ordinator Dr. Sheela Philip & Prof. Hemalata Noula.


    Essay Writing Competition on the following topics.

    a. Women Achievers of Modern India.
    b. E - waste Management in India.

  3. Speech held on the following topics :
    a. Save “The Girl Child.”
    b. Child Labour.
    c. Violence against Women in India. d. Status of Senior Citizens in India. e. Evil Social Practices in India.

  4. Drama or Skit held on following themes :
    a. Discrimination towards the Girl Child.
    b. HIV - AIDS.
    c. Evil Social Practices.
    d. Violence against Women.
    e. Status of Women in India.
    f. Sexual Harassment in College or at work place.
    g. Ethics & Values among Students.
    h. Child Labour

  5. Poster Competition on :
    a. Save Trees & Natural Resources. b. E - waste management.
    c. Industrial Pollution.
    d. Noise Pollution. e. Water Pollution. f. Global Warming.
    g. Water harvesting.
    h. Evil Social Practices.
    i. HIV - AIDS Awareness. j. Being Human.

  6. PEC Quiz held on 5th December 2014 undertaken by Prof. Hemalata Noula.

  7. Rally and Cleanliness Drive held on 6th December 2014 on Juhu Relief Road.

  8. Seminar on Global Warming held on 17th December 2014 undertaken by Prof. Hemalata Noula.

  9. Participation through Skit and Poster Competition in the DLLE Annual Festival – UDAAN’15 on 20th January 2015.
    10. Participated in B. L. Amlani College’ annual DLLE festival, Elysium on 12th January 2015 in following activities :
    a. Attended Seminar on ‘Investments’.
    b. Won 1st and 3rd prize for poster making.
    c. Participated in Glass Painting and Essay Writing Competition and also in a Dance Event.