Sadhana Education Society's

L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce

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Grants of Terms:

  1. It is absolutely imperative for all students to attend the classes punctually and regularly.
  2. To be eligible to appear for the examination, either at College level or University / Board level, it will be obligatory for students to have a minimum attendance of the total number of lectures, intensive coaching and / or practicals for each of the subjects of study. Student failing short of such prescribed attendance shall not be permitted to appear at the College and / or the University Board Examination as the case may be.
  3. Terms to any student will not be granted unless he / she has attended the prescribed tutorials, completed the tutorials assignments, practical journals and other written work as may be assigned from time to time.
  4. The First or the Second Term, however, for the respective classes would end immediately after the lectures are discontinued and the remaining days will not be calculated for the days of attendance.
  5. Terms will be granted only if the students appear for the First Term or Second Term examination, as the case may be, and show satisfactory progress as may be judged by the Principal and teaching staff.
  6. For the purpose of calculation of attendance, the college office records will be taken as final and binding.
  7. In respect of the attendance and performance of students at degree college, University Ordinance 0.119 and 0.125 will be applicable.



  1. All students should deem it their moral and ethical obligations to maintain, observe and preserve dignity and decorum in Class / College.
  2. All students should observe silence during the lectures, tutorials, practicals and intensive coaching.
  3. Any attempt by the students in the Class / College to disturb the teacher or defy the teacher, will be treated as a breach of discipline and the Principal of the College will have an unrestricted right to take disciplinary action against the students concerned, which may be, if the case so warrants, expulsion of the students from the Class and / or College.
  4. The students should not loiter in the corridors when they are free, they should go to the library or their respective Common Rooms or to the Canteen.
  5. The students should not cause any damage to any property of the College, and in case any student is found damaging the property of the College, he or she will be subject to heavy fine and / or repairing and replacing the damaged property. Scratching and writing on desks, benches, #666666boards, wall etc.. is strictly prohibited.
  6. The students are strictly prohibited from smoking in the Class / College premises. They are strictly prohibited from the use of liquor, drugs, pan-masala, gutka and other tobacco related products on the College premises. Breach of discipline in this respect will be treated very severely and may mean even rustication of the students concerned. The Principal of the College shall be the final authority to determine suitable action as he deems fit in the interest of discipline in the College.
  7. The students should not carry any mobile phones, pagers and / or any other communication gadgets in the Class / College.
  8. The students are solely and wholly responsible for their belongings.