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Accountancy Association

Accountancy Association was established in 2003 under leadership of Ex Head of Department in Accountancy C.A. Arun V. Wandrekar with purpose of creating interest of students in practical accounting and Income Tax , MVAT and Service tax laws.

Accountancy Association arranges lectures of eminent personalities in field of Income Tax, MVAT etc including Western India Regional Council of Chartered Accountant of India Chairman C.A. Mangesh Kinnare , C.A. Harish Motiwala , C.A. Nihar Jumbusaria and Commisioner of Sales tax Shri Bhagat.

Accountancy Association arranges visits to Income Tax Department, Sales Tax Department and private offices paperless office at CMC Bandra.

Accountancy Association regularly arranges competition for students like Best Presented Balance Sheet and on topics related accountancy and Income Tax, Finance Bill etc.

 Manas Psychology Association

 The aim of the department is to empower students and expose them to activities beyond someprescribed sallybus.

Manas Psychology Association was founded by Mrs. Aruna Kurvey in June 1992. The goal of the association is to create a common platform of learning and awareness which to help the students to grow in their personal lives.

The activities of the association starts with the inaugural function. Every year association conducts an inter-collegiate workshop by professionals in the field of Psychology. Some of the the eminent presenters are Dr. Rupa Shah, Dr. Avinash DeSousa, Mr. Vinay Prabhu, Dr. Bhave, Dr. Durga Parekh. These professionals spoke on topics like Performance Appraisal, Learning disability, handling relationships, preparing for interviews, readiness for career and choices in life, Schizophrenia and their world.

Workshop for Psychology Professors is also organized on revision of syllabi for T.Y.B.A. Psychology Papers.

Every year association arranges an educational trip for the students to “Thane Mental Hospital” or spastic society.

A parent teacher meeting was held twice a year, one in the beginning of the first term and another at the end of it, to give feedback to them about their ward’s progress.

In addition to the above mentioned programmes, every year association takes students for picnic.

The academic year ends with a farewell for T.Y.B.A. students.

The success of the Association activities was a joint effort of students and faculty. The benefit in terms of insight and learning is mutual.